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Dragonfly Studio

Fence Styles - The Tall Boys
The Craftsman - Click to make larger.

Celebrates the characteristic straight, crisp lines of the Arts & Crafts frills; just form.

The Wright - Click to make larger.

Recalls design touches from America's finest architect. A simple geometric pattern reveals an early 1900's airy privacy.

The Bungalow - Click to make larger.

Shares silhouette attributes with the typical tapered columns found on many Bungalow homes of a previous generation. This iconic backdrop allows for a wealth of gardening possibilities.

The Prairie - Click to make larger.

Demonstrates two prominent icons of the popular 'Prairie' style...the low slung hip roof and horizontally grouped sight lines.

The Imperial - Click to make larger.

Reflects the Oriental threads which are woven throughout the Arts & Crafts world as it covets a Japanese Garden.

The Traditional - Click to make larger.

This is Dragonfly Studio's most popular style of custom wood fence. Simple and straight-forward, this design blends well with a wide variety of home styles.

The Steeplechase - Click to make larger.

The horizontal arched panel and double-capped posts suggest an equine interest.

The Peregrine - Click to make larger.

Reaches toward the great blue sky with it's twin beveled posts...a prime perch for it's namesake Falcon. The horizontal belt-line yields to 'peek-a-boo' openings in the twin post structure.

The Burgmauer - Click to make larger.

The (Castle Wall) suggests the Eastern European influence, which is typical of some early Arts & Crafts forms that took root in the late 1800's.

The Garden Space - Click to make larger.

Supplies your little piece of floral heaven a ladder with which to climb. This particular style was developed as a focal environment within your garden, but can also be combined with perimeter fencing to create a unique back yard experience.

Fence Styles - The Shortys
The Studio Days - Click to make larger.

The tight spindle pattern mimics the rear porch design of the FLLW home and studio in Oak Park. Simple but structured.

The Picketdilly - Click to make larger.

Whimsical, light, and breezy, the Picketdilly offers a border with which your greenery can climb upon or dance through.

The Gustav - Click to make larger.

Small spindles and flat panels are a recurring element of Gustav Stickley's vision. In this style, they combine to remember a fine Arts & Crafts furnituremaker.

The Frederick - Click to make larger.

The south fa├žade of the Robie House displays a bank of art glass windows standing watch over horizontal flower boxes.

Many contemporary styles of wood fencing are also offered by Dragonfly Studio, including solid board, board and batten, spaced picket, shadowbox, and more. They are available with a variety of custom tops such as flat, dog-earred, stepped, arched, round, pointed, and scalloped...and can be combined with matching or contrasting post tops.

Though listed as 'Tall Boys' and 'Shortys', many of the designs displayed above function well at any height including a quaint 3' tall flower bed border to 'architectural statements' over 8' high.